FAQ – InkDoodle Inc.


Please join our mailing list at the bottom of our home page and enter your email address. We send coupons and discounts regularly so please make sure to check your email junk box for emails from inkdoodle . com . All discounts and promotions cannot be applied to vouchers or overstock & clearance items.
Mirror wrap means the image is reflected to folded around the frame. InkDoodle mirror wrap means you will see a reflection/mirror of roughly 1.5 inches of the image edge used for the wrapping. This is done to preserve your image on the main focus point (front side of the canvas) rather than being lost to the wraparound. White or black edges means the image stops at the front edge of the frame and the fold is white or black, this is a good choice if the subject of your image goes to the edges of the picture.
If you have a deal site voucher, please contact us with your voucher PDF and we will send you a link for redemption. We are no longer accepting vouchers from Groupon. For any concerns regarding a Groupon voucher, please contact Groupon Support.
All image(s) submitted on our website is recommended to be 2MB or more. Minimum resolution is 1500 pixels. The maximum file size is 50MB. Please note that although your image may be under 50MB when you are uploading, during the edit image process (cropping) the image will be uncompressed and the file size may increase, thus you will get a notice that the file is too large. All images around 5-6MB and it will be sufficient for printing. Our canvases and other large prints are printed at 100dpi and our specialty prints are printed at 300dpi, you may adjust your image's resolution accordingly before uploading.