The Next Level of Art – Digital Canvas Printing

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The Next Level of Art – Digital Canvas Printing

 Art as seen over the years

Have you ever since wondered how the
worldly famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo use their craft
to create wonderful pieces of art that become timeless and become a big chunk
of history? Admittedly, there are thousands and thousands of artists that have
left their mark and have had their own art displayed in museums and auctions
all over the world. And up to this day, our artists have stood the test of time
and have served as inspirations of millions of aspiring artists, old and new,
around the world. Back in the previous centuries or decades, it has really been
considered a gift if you have the hand to create art. During those olden times,
it was hard to get canvas, to get paint, and brushes, and simply find the
inspiration to create something you see on canvas. Artists then used to make
portraits of famous kings and queens, portraits of themselves, and even
sceneries of their town or landscape that they are exposed to. After that era,
art continued to evolve and started doing abstract pictures. Here, you can
think of Picasso whose several paintings are considered abstract. It is true that
art is still evolving up to this day, according to what most appeals people and
their surroundings. Today, there are so many forms of art that people get to
experience and appreciate. Back in the day, as previously mentioned, only the
privileged few get to enjoy art. Usually, only those who hold power and have
money are the ones who get to have paintings and sculptures around their houses
and kingdoms. Admittedly, up to this day, it is still evident that most of art
is still being widely appreciated by more of the educated and literate
population. On the other hand, art is becoming so complex nowadays that people
of different classes, age, and race are beginning to appreciate different forms
of art across different countries around the world. This has continued to
inspire growing artists who want to create a name for themselves in the world
so their own creations could be recognized and could be displayed on walls and
gardens of homes of people as a piece that would be a great conversation
starter for numerous guests that enter these homes.


Art in your own home

Have you ever wanted a masterpiece so bad
that you wanted it on your home? I, for one, really wanted to have Van Gogh’s
“Starry, Starry Night” included in my wall at home. It was so mesmerizing for me
and I was obsessed with how beautiful it was and frankly, it was not only I who
loved that masterpiece by Van Gogh. I would love to see this painting whenever
I wake up and boast it around as I bring guests to my home. If only Van Gogh
were alive so he could give me an exact replica of his timeless masterpiece.
And then, I discovered that I could actually really have “Starry, Starry Night”
on my wall! It is actually very, very possible now to have the painting of your
dreams hung on your wall to bring color to the whole room. How could this
happen, you may ask? Well, in this digital world we live in, we now have heavy
access to technologies such as computers and robots. Heck, we already even
started creating a whole human out of robotics. The world really is amazing and
there are so many smart humans in this earth that continue to find ways to
improve our lives and the lives of others. Right now, 3D printing has been very
famous now. We’ve even started printing anything a person could ever want or
need. Because of 3D printing, we can already even get access to new and fresh
kidneys, or livers that can be transplanted on people who actually need it in
order to live a longer life. Now, moving on to the aspect of beauty and art,
other than 3D printing, you can now have the painting of your dreams all to
yourself on canvas – whatever size you want. Wonder how? Through Digital Canvas

Well you might begin to wonder – what is
Digital Canvas Print? How is it going to give me the painting of my dreams and
would it be quality printing that it would not be embarrassing to show my
guests? Buckle up, because I am going to give you a quick lesson on how canvas
printing works!

How Canvas Printing Works

Canvas Printing, as the words say, is
basically printed images on a canvas. A canvas print is done when a particular
picture or image is inked on a piece of canvas that is usually stretched or
wrapped onto a frame. This printed canvas and frame is then displayed. As a
reference, these kinds of products are often seen in designs at home, or
interior designs. Sometimes, canvas images can be chosen stock images you see
online, or sometimes even your very own personal pictures and photographs can
be the ones printed on the canvas. The main intention of canvas prints is to be
able to create a replica or to reproduce the original piece. For example, as
mentioned, Van Gogh’s “Starry, Starry Night.” As originally an oil or acrylic
painting done by Vincent Van Gogh, this can now be recreated and printed
digitally on a piece of canvas. This would include the exact same details and
colors as the original would really look like.

To be honest, the way original forms of
artwork are reproduced are no longer new to this generation. There have already
been numerous reproductions of different original artworks that have actually
been printed on canvas. But then, the method used is offset printing. In order
to avoid confusion, you can research on offset printing separately so you can
concentrate on Digital Canvas Printing. If we look back in the past, canvas
printing has already been present since the 1990s. This has been told to be
used with inkjet printing processes. When printed, the material that is
considered as the canvas itself is generally made of cotton, or sometimes,
plastic. But this all boils down to the base that is poly canvas. This
materials is usually used when reproducing different photographs and images.

One might wonder, though, is it that only
paintings can be printed into canvas rolls? And should it be on the same size
as the original artwork? To answer that question, the world has now introduced
us to large printers that have the capability to print anything on canvas
rolls. But on a general note, a canvas roll usually measures around 1.5 meters.
But you are also given the option to have a larger picture, whichever you want
in order for it to fit in the one place you would want to have your own
artwork. There are so many modern printers that could do the job to create
quality printed paintings onto canvas. As a start, there are several printers
that are inkjet-based. These can print evenly and directly onto the canvas
material used. In addition, there are also HP Designjet z6100 and Epson Ultra
Chrome 11880 printers that can also be used in order to have the same quality
that is aspired to have for every printed painting that you would even dream
about or think of. These kinds of printers that have been designed for this
kind of product gives both artists and photographers the freedom to be able to
also have their own work printed on canvas directly. In order to have the best
quality of colors and detail in each photo, what a producer of canvas print
should keep in mind is that the settings of the printing speed on each printer
should be on slow print. That way, the generous and the right amount of ink is
imprinted onto the canvas that would make the printed artwork as accurate as
possible compared to the original artwork done so many years ago by artists who
have already gone but are still remembered up to this day.


If you also wonder how printed canvasses
usually weigh, these items only weigh at around 400gsm. Because canvas is 100%
pure and white and is made of cotton. These said canvasses should always be
white in order to create the exact colors and exact details that needed to be
put in the artwork for it to be accurate. If you are still not convinced as to
how digital canvas printing is so practical and fast for you, you ca also even
think of the weight of one digitally printed canvas painting. It is not going
to be as heavy and as fragile as the original one. You will be able to put in
in any place you would like, because the weight makes it flexible to be able to
be displayed on walls that were not designed for it in the first place. After
all, these paintings are only added in order to give more life to a room. While
this is very important, you should also find a way on how everything else in
the room should work together. You should not concentrate on just one piece of
furniture or artwork in a room.



What is Canvas Made of?

One of the most important materials that
are used, of course, is the canvas where the pictures are printed. Canvas, in
general, is very strong and durable. It is a kind of fabric that is created
with hemp. But now that there have been more substitutes to hemp, people have
already started creating canvas with cotton and linen instead of hemp. In
retail stores today, canvas cloth is usually made of cotton or polyester. What
makes it different? The color. There are many ways on how you can determine how
a canvas was done, which would help you have options on what kind of canvas is
the one that you really need for your canvas print.

There is difference in color because of the
fibers that stands on the surface. The color seeps into the cloth. If the
fibers are more refined, the canvass becomes whiter. On the other hand, canvass
gives an off white yellowish color if the fibers are closer to its original
So with these pieces of information share
with you, you may ask – which one is better then? Should it be more off white,
or the whiter it is the better? To be honest, it all depends on the type of
picture you want. It would all depend on you, and how you want your picture to
look like. On a general note, many consider that the cotton prints are shown to
have higher quality. These are the kinds of cotton that you would usually find
in the museum. But when you’re on a tight budget but you still want your canvas
print to have bold and colorful output, polyester is the best go-to cloth that
you need to purchase.


After Printing and Reproducing Art


Once the image is printed on the canvas, it
does not stop there. The canvas is then taken by the experts and is needed to
be trimmed in order to fit the right size of the frame. Once trimmed, the
canvas needs to be glued or stapled in stretcher bars, or wooden panels before
it is placed in the frame. After that process, it is now ready to be displayed
with the frame that would be just the right amount of color and elegance so as
it would not take a viewer off the actual piece that should be taken into
consideration which is the painting itself. Frames used for these printed
paintings on canvas are usually based from wood – solid pine. These are then
underpinned so it can be stronger than usual. There are also other frames and
printed paintings that are designed to continue around the edges of a stretcher
frame. This is called a full-bleed. Why is this done? This is usually practiced
by some artists because it gives the viewer an opportunity to appreciate a
three-dimensional effect of the painting.


Where Digitally Printed Canvases are used


Usually, these digital canvas prints are
used in the home, as previously mentioned. It is used as a decoration, and is
often used by professionals and interior designers. Sometimes, even if you are
still a homeowner who is curious and loves designing your own home, digitally
printed canvasses are a perfect fit for you! It is not too expensive, and you
can have your own painting of your liking. In addition, some canvas prints are
now beginning to be produced in mass volumes, and is becoming available in
different high street retailers. One of the best examples of retail stores that
have done canvas prints is IKEA. Individually, people can also now canvas print
their own images and photographs, or even drawings! If you are not feeling a
little artsy or you want to show off your very own drawings, you can print them
now on canvas as well! You found a picture online, it was a stock image, and
you found it to be really beautiful that you want it displayed in your home?
You can do that too! Sometimes, Canvas prints are also available online and can
be purchased in different websites that cater to it and its market.

Canvas prints are way cheaper than original artwork!

It doesn’t mean that you’re cheap because
you just want canvas prints instead of original artwork. You can have canvas
prints because you want more people to be able to appreciate all kinds and
forms of art. The reason why digitally printed canvas are much cheaper is that
there is a lot less work put into producing it. Glazing is not part of the
process, which is usually required on original artwork. And the frame used in
these digitally printed items are not usually visible. In this way these frames
then do not have to be treated so it would look nicer, or varnished so that it
would look more presentable on the outside. Imagine being able to own pieces of
art at cheaper prices. You can now actually have dozens of artworks in your
home without having to spend too much on it. Imagine how one original painting
could actually buy you several more digitally printed canvas! Canvas print
really is the way!


Canvas Print catering to the digital photographers

The individuals that digital printing canvas usually cater to are the digital photographers. Back in the day, before digital photography was created, a lot of photographers only took photos on
film. These film photographers were usually in the best state of paradise. This
is seen when they get to have the opportunity to take their photos and have
them displayed on print and framed. In this world today, it is only high time
that we get to bring back that same breathtaking experience for our
photographers – now to the new population of digital photographers who consist
usually of both the amateurs, and the professionals. It is wonderful for
different photographers to see and feel that you get to see your very own
photograph coming to life.


There are a lot of printing businesses
today that would cater and tailor your printing to every nook and cranny that
you would want emphasized on your digitally printed photo. As the world begins
to progress with its technologies, people are now able to use the latest
devices that would be able to produce prints so detailed that it gives the
audience an amazing visual experience! There are a variety of printed products
that can be done – graphic designs, layouts, brandings of corporate identities,
direct material printing, wallpapers, glass sitckers, cut out panels, car
decals, mural – the possibilities are now so endless! Some printers have now UV
direct printing so that photos can be more realistic.


Is printing on canvas better than printing on paper?

As previously mentioned, Photography has
evolved so much over the years. From film to digital photos. But the printing
method that is used is still leaning more on the traditional side because that
is what numerous photographers and artists still believe in. What artists know
is that there are also a lot of advantages and disadvantages when using canvas
for printing.

When printing on paper, it is very well
known that paper has a smooth surface. In this way, because paper is much
smoother than canvas, it could give a sharper look onto the details of each
image that is printed. Probably, the only disadvantage when images are printed
on paper is that paper tends to give off large glares and reflections because
of the sunlight that hits it. Admittedly, it is really not the ideal material
to use when one produces artwork. Obviously, paper is not even close to the
texture that canvas has.
On the other hand, printing on canvas also
has its advantages and disadvantages. When printing on canvas, it gives a more
complete experience because art is usually more seen used on canvas. This then
is preferred by artists because canvas has ever since been the material being
used for premium artworks. In addition, canvas is more practical because it is
more affordable because it lasts longer than paper. The only disadvantage of
canvas is that it can be a danger to the photo itself. Photos of good quality
are the only ones that can be printed on canvas. You need to be careful when
you choose the photos you want to have printed, because they need to be fully
detailed and very sharp in order for canvas to capture the whole thing.

If you want your vacation in Vermont, in
Venice, or simply in the Bahamas displayed in your walls, or you just want a
whole collage of all your family photos in just one frame, canvas prints can
definitely do the work for you. It is one of the best ways to have eye-catching
displays, and you can show off all your favorite photos to everyone! It is a
very artistic method to lighten up any room! No matter how big or how small it
may be, there are so many ideas for you to choose from that there are so many
endless opportunities. Why save up for such expensive art when you can create
art on your own with just a matter of choosing your family photos or finding a
stock image online? Anything is so easy, you can already start crafting your
own canvas print today!

We hope you enjoyed this article and for more information on our canvas print products please visit

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