What To Look Out For When Searching For The Best Online Canvas Print Suppliers

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What To Look Out For When Searching For The Best Online Canvas Print Suppliers


With the unlimited power of the internet at your fingertip, it is possible to get drowned in the plethora of information available, yet losing out on vital tickers, pointers, and guides. Are you considering using canvas prints to style your apartment? Or giving your space a new personalized or professional makeover using canvas prints? or need canvas prints for some other reasons, yet cannot seem to find the right guide to use in your search for the best canvas prints that would not only meet your high art taste but wouldn’t cost you a fortune either in production, logistics or in re-ordering time? Look no further! This post would provide some insight on the exact things to look out for when canvas print shopping.

As with every system, although there are millions of minute variables to consider when ordering custom prints, it is necessary to remain true to the crux of our nature and focus only on the important ones. Therefore, we are delighted to present a list of things to consider seriously when contemplating investing in a canvas print, they occur in no particular order of preference.


The Canvas Print technology used

Due to the intricacies of the print process, traditionally, all prints are considered as “originals” regardless of their general overview, whether or not they are replicas of others and this dates back to the early15th century. Although prior to the Renaissance, most artists impressed their works against wooden backgrounds due to their ready availability, absorption properties and the wide acceptability of the populace. This, however, had a downside as no sooner than later their artworks gave way to the force of nature called rot and decayed, thus the more reliable way of painting over stretched canvas coated with a paint binder held in place by firm wooden frames was developed and widely celebrated. This technology has evolved to the use of modern day latex inks and high-quality cotton or silky matt satin canvases fixed around heavy duty frames.

The Canvas Print Quality

Although every canvas print quality is highly dependent on a couple of factors, such as the materials used, the degree of retouching done, the canvas print technology adopted etc, the quality delivered to clients can often time be overstated by online suppliers, thus, it is necessary customers consider which brands pay immense attention to every customer order details? Do these suppliers provide the necessary options or services you need? If so, how much of these services are offered and to what degree? These services could include any of the following:

  • High quality or certified print materials: In the light of the technological boom, it is not common to have inferior products infiltrate the market, thus destroying the goodwill of a particular brand or product, for example, print material. Thus, it is required to ensure your online supplier uses only certified print materials such as the HP certified materials that work perfectly fine with the HP range of printers, giving you quality prints you can trust.


  • Retouching: Prior to printing your order, do the suppliers go out of their way to ensure utmost print result by offering retouching assistance to print images? Retouching refers to the art of professionally editing pictures prior to printing, usually involving color correction, adjusting contrasts, lighting balancing, smoothening the skins, softening strong edges and even removing disturbing backgrounds thereby improving the quality while still maintaining the integrity of the original picture.



  • Print verification: with respect to exceeding customers’ expectations, the best of retailers take the initiative of setting up a digital verification of the print jobs prior to printing. This usually occurs via the firm sending out a digital version of how the image would appear on a canvas after being printed and framed. This is a very crucial and innovative step as it helps reduce the rate of order cancellation and helps the best online canvas firms save money avoiding reworks or recall of products.


The Available Canvas Print Gallery

The hallmark of every good print media supplier is the ability to effectively represent their collection of work and products in a seamless and easy to understand manner. Some firms take this a step further by categorizing them based on the type of designs printed such as rustic, vintage, classic etc. whereas others structure their gallery collection based on the sizes of their prints, thus effectively letting customers find prints that are suitable for their space at the click of a mouse. This section of the best print canvas supplier is crucial as it presents the products in retina ready formats that would appeal in the only way possible via the static internet sites; visual. Some galleries go a step further by including short clips of how each product looks hung, but it invariably just appeals to the aesthetic acumen of their customers.

The Websites’ Simplicity & Functionality

In the 21st century, the companies with the simplest yet most viral distribution outlets and marketing strategies most often win the lion market share. This has been a norm since the dot-com boom because customers crave ease and simplicity, therefore, having invested heavily in physical infrastructures, machines and human capacities, a major differentiating factor between the best canvas print suppliers and the rest if the simplicity of their platform. And as a rule of thumb, it should take less than 10 minutes to proceed from accessing the website to effective order placement, else such brands stand a chance of losing customers to simpler and more effective websites. Below is a list of some of the attributes most successful online canvas print websites possess;

  • Responsiveness: These websites respond and load perfectly on various devices or gadgets, thus allowing for easy access to their platform in various circumstance, either on the go on the mobile phones or while on the laptops in the comfort of your room, thus creating a versatile customer experience.
  • Simplicity: since the goal of the internet is ease of processes, it makes common sense that most successful online print firms use very simple yet brilliant web designs, this offers potential and existing customers the ability to courageously navigate through the site in a seamless yet effective manner, leading to greater engagement.
  • Functionality: These websites are not only responsive and simple, they are very functional, with minimal glitches or bugs and every single feature serves its purpose optimally. Therefore creating little or no room for customer complaints with respect to bugs or website non-functionality.
  • Security: Given the rise of scam websites and identity thefts, all successful canvas print sites use reputable payment portals or gateways to secure customers’ interest and information. Thus leading to greater customer delight and retention.

Imagine you are a first-time customer stumbling upon two online canvas print sites, take a minute to consider your choice between two scenarios;

The first is a really beautifully designed website, with attractive color schemes and a vast array of products in the gallery, however, the products are arranged haphazardly and there is limited functionality on the website. While the second is a simple website, with modest color schemes, yet the website is highly functional, responsive and secure, although it has fewer products listed. In the event that you could only choose to shop from one supplier, which would you choose? The larger confusing supplier or the smaller yet functional website?



The Amount of Add-on Services Offered:

In the light of the internet battle, it is observable given your customers the best customer experience ensures they become lifetime customers, and the same applies for the canvas print industry, we strive to provide customers every bit of comfort and opportunity to ease their artistic passion, below are some examples of services provided at little or no cost to customers:

  • Lifetime guarantee: The greatest brands in the industry constantly utilize high quality materials and best practices in production, however this is never enough in the light of stiff global competition. Therefore, firms that trust the quality of their products and the reliability of the materials are keen and eager to offer customers lifetime guarantee for the canvas ordered. This guarantee means the prints wouldn’t lose their colour, decay or even sag under normal working conditions, this helps seal the interest of their customers and thus gain considerable market share.
  • Shipment tracking: Asides having an impressive online presence, website experience and printing capability and quality, it is crucial for the best online print canvas retailers to have highly flexible and competitive logistics solutions to cater for every client’s need that might arise. Needs such as shipment tracking to Efficient and speedy delivery and even to shipping discounts on orders over a particular limit. These services tend to build trust and emotional connection with their audience and customers as the brand is perceived to be interested in just more than making “the next sale” rather, they are providing world class products to their esteemed customers with utmost ease and reliability.
  • Community Building: Most leading and successful print canvas brands employ the community building tactics via blogging, they endeavour to build meaningful relationships with their customers via making emotional deposits in the form of helpful tips and information with respect to print canvas selections and technology. Also, these communities are increasingly engaging their members via disruptive social networks such as Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and Instagram to disseminate information and coordinate the community’s activities in a win-win fashion.
  • Customer service: Furthermore, the best brands in any profession are the ones that put the interest of their customers at the forefront, thereby providing meaningful and effective customer support. They imbibe the notion that customers are kinds and train their representatives to offer customers support with respect to colour scheming, pattern selection, add-on selection and quality processes, thus relieving customers the stress of having to learn all the possible intricacies of their website and shorten the order to delivery timeline.


Online customer review: Furthermore, it is very unwise and uncanny to take the words of every online retailer for it or at face value, it is critical to go a step further and investigate the validity of every claim made and the easiest way to do this is through their customer reviews. Although it is possible for online business to buy reviews or personally include them, resorting to an all-out searching the brand, for any crediting or discrediting content with respect to their claims is necessary should you want to avoid the errors of ordering a regrettable canvas. Be your own Sherlock Holmes, take a step back and consider all the evidences you can find online and what it points to. Could those reviews have being fake? Are there contrary suggestion or hints or complaints from customers on other open social media platforms? If so, it might be the right time to consider an alternative supplier.


In conclusion, it is pertinent that all customers or potential customers know exactly what they want from their supplier and the capabilities of their supplier as this would help avoid future issues or concerns once working with them. Thus, they should take the initiative of scouring through their website, social media profiles and even google results to ensure they are not being goaded into ordering a product that would be unfit for its purpose or would cause so much heartaches to procure. Regardless of your location, Inkdoodle.ca is your preferred canvas print supplier that offers you immense value for your money with loads of services and options to meet the personalized needs any of our client has with respect to ordering a print canvas artwork. Furthermore, we endeavor to treat every customer like our only customer, thus adopting the one-customer policy.


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