How to Decorate your Home while on a Budget Using Canvas Wall Art Prints

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How to Decorate your Home while on a Budget Using Canvas Wall Art Prints

Propping the aesthetic appeal of her home is every woman’s dream and the sheer thought of owning such a delightfully decorated piece of property most often creates butterflies in all our bellies, thus the constant need to reinvigorate our space constantly. This need to constantly be surrounded by the positive energy from a professionally decorated and designed living space has motivated people to seek out professional help of interior design firms and brands, however to their dismay immediately after they pay the exorbitant fee, their space often tends towards the same chaos it was in less than a year. This article seeks to establish the fact that having a professionally designed home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, as the best things in life are free. We would, however, lay a framework for making this assertion and trust you would adhere to the guidelines, thereby creating the stylishly embellished home you deserve.

An empty wall is an absolute waste of space, therefore an alternative route to decorating your home is to set a budget and utilize a Do-It-Yourself tactic, although saving cost in some regards, this art creation method has its benefits and flaws. Some of the benefits of DIY includes

  • Increasing Skillsets: Building your own canvas over time can lead to you developing competencies and skillsets within the canvas making segment and this can come in handy should you consider establishing your own DIY blog, YouTube channel or website.
  • Relatively Cheap: As often highlighted, creating your own canvas prints often comes at the fraction of the cost of purchasing from large retailers and this is most often the greatest motivation to DIY-ers; the ability to create a fabulous product with the barest minimum cost.
  • Great past time activity: Being involved in creating your own canvas print wall art can be an amazing past time as it helps enhance motor coordination, reflex synchronization and overall body fitness, hence motivating some people to be involved in the activity.


As with every media driven source of information and benchmarking, most of the benefits of DIY custom art prints are earmarked and often highlighted by most blogs, thereby creating totally incorrectly or unbalanced information. DIY canvas print art printing often has its own disadvantage, and some of these are listed below are:

Initial upfront cost: Against the popular “making something out of nothing” notion most firms try to sell to customers on their blog post, DIY canvas art printing often involves immense upfront cost that might not justify the expenses incurred. A canvas Primer, a roller or brush, a staple gun, some nails and a hammer or a nail gun, canvas etc. are needed just to make the canvas frame. Furthermore additional cost is incurred when purchasing or renting a printer to print the downloaded, or personally designed picture or photograph which consumes both ink, manpower, and energy.

  • The probability of making mistakes: In addition to the high upfront cost of making DIY canvas prints is the probability of making errors and mistakes due to negligence or incomplete or incorrect information sourced online. These often result in reworking or rejection, ultimately leading to wastage of materials, time and energy and although most of the errors involved in custom canvas art creation can be mitigated by reading our article on stretching your own canvas, some probability of error still exists till expertise is built within that activity.
  • Stress and Time: Because we live in a stress-run society, we most often neglect the stress implication of certain activities on our wellbeing, ultimately leading to attaching little value to the services disruptive firms offer, relieving us of some part of it. Money cannot buy back the amount of stress and time spent planning, purchasing, moving, arranging, cutting, fixing etc. the DIY canvas print wall art because it’s a non-recurrent limiting factor with direct implications on our productivity as individuals. Hence, this is a very quotient point to consider when highlighting the pitfalls of DIY canvas print art
  • Storage space: Another factor most people tend to forget is the storage space all these extra supplies would take in your home; for those in high-end apartments with limited storage options, these might have a more personal appeal. Hence it is necessary to consider the storage space “cost” when making your analyses.

A third perspective to designing your work space is to create a work space that utilizes the best of both worlds while avoiding the nuances of either, this is termed decorating on a budget. Given the limited financial prowess of the majority of the world’s population and the ability for every mind to conjure up fascinating and intricate designs for our living spaces, our core limiting factor for this desire is most often our bank statement; which advises us to set an upper limit for this activity-designing our living space. Decorating on a budget gives the homeowner the flexibility of transforming the look and visual appeal of their space while keeping within focus the financial implication of every decision made and a commitment to minimize this to the barest minimum while striving for improved productivity and quality finishing. Over time, various tricks have been developed and mastered to make decorating financially less demanding and some of these are going to be discussed today.


Hanging Custom Canvas Prints

Custom canvas prints are easy to hang, high quality printed images that are printed unto canvases and framed for structure and rigidity. They come in various shades, hues and images, based on your selection and preference hence they are highly customizable. In a world where everyone is seeking expression of their creativity, custom prints are the go-to solution providers as their main aim is to bring to life the wishes and imaginations of the customers, either through direct design consultation with the firm ( offers this option), or via providing your personally designed image, a picture of a scenery of family or even a vacation spot. Also, custom canvas prints can be sourced on the go from reputable sites like that sports an extensive variety of prints for your perusal and final selection for printing. This basically shows that custom prints are highly flexible art forms that help customers transform their houses into homes.


In addition, with custom canvas prints, there is an endless supply of creativity and ideas. This is seen in the fact that virtually every picture ever taken or every image you have ever encountered no matter how breath-taking or enthralling they were when you first saw them can be in your living room before the end of the week (at least a copy of that image). Custom canvas prints help everyone keep a piece of their most cherished moments and visual perceptions in their homes, hence being limitless in its supply of ideas and creativity. Moreover, entire family games can be invented at home to source for various ideas for your next canvas print wall art and this further heightens the creativity mix in the family as every member scurries around looking for the most exquisite and captivating image to serve as the family’s next canvas print. Please note that the judges for the final selection process should be trusted friends with an eye for beauty, fashion, decoration, and fairness.

Finding Reputable Canvas Firms

Reputable canvas art firms such as offers additional photo enhancement options after photo selection to prop up the quality of the image prior to printing. There are various levels of retouching offered by these firms, but the basic retouching is most often done for free or complimentary. However, should additional retouching be required to further enhance the image’s quality or convert it to a filtered version of the image such as black and white or sepia, there might be some charges for workmanship, albeit minimal. In addition, these firms offer a service called digital proof that minimizes error and risk of print rejection by the customer and reprinting by sending the enhanced copy of the image direct to the customer’s email for review and confirmation. These additional services ultimately seal the customizability of these prints and their viability as means of expression that should be found in every home.

Conversely, because canvas prints come in various sizes, ranging from table-top measuring a few inches across both ends to magnificent sizes such as the 2.5 meter by 1.4 meters size printed using humongous printers such as the 60″ HP printers, they are capable of being hung literally anywhere. These form of artwork do not require any additional framing or finishing for structural rigidity, it already has an in-built sturdy frames and hanging edges that ensures that the prints maintain rigidity while in a particular position perpetually till moved and additionally, because of their lightweight the artwork never crumbles under its own weight, thereby making them attractive art pieces that can easily be moved around or rearranged without the fear of damage. Upon delivery, the prints arrive in ready to hang state, with quality finishes and a gallery quality edges that come in various options, such as the mirror wrap (which is practically a continuation of the image unto the sides, thus giving it the name “mirror”), the black border (the edges of the print are colored or printed black to create the shadowy effect) suitable for darker shade rooms and the white border (the edges of the prints are printed white) preferred for rooms having lighter hues and that needs complementing or used in a darker shade rooms seeking to contrast.

The most important benefit of using canvas print wall arts is that it offers minimal financial implications, costing as small as you want it to. When on a budget, your goal should be to look for value at the cheapest cost, therefore it might be logical to accept free enhancements and to shy away from paid enhancements, thereby releasing more funds to be used on purchasing other captivating custom prints. For example of extreme affordability, on a pack of 2 24″ x 36″ Photo Canvas Special cost merely CA$75.00, which is an almost negligible cost compared to the enthralling appeal these images give your home and the value they bring by having extreme longevity, capable of lasting more than two decades (speak of a lifetime investment). In addition, these prints are most often highly durable, capable of withstanding the strain and stretches as far as the stretcher bars can contain. Considering the historical origin of the canvas material, originally used in making sails and tents, it is little wonder the material is one of the most durable printing surfaces especially when stretched across its wooden frame.

Worth of note is the fact that most brick and mortar art retail stores displaying canvas prints offer these at a higher price than the more convenient option of purchasing online or better still, creating your own print online. They offer theirs north of CA$200.00 whereas online retailers offer the same quality prints for a fraction of the cost. Also, worthy of note is the fact that the low prices of the canvas prints available online are due to the inherent technological advancement in the industry that allows printers to churn out hundreds of prints, using ink and energy efficient printers. In contrast to the notion that the cheap price of the prints is due to the low quality or the perceived low quality. Thirdly, the online print community thrives to deliver ease and convenience to our highly esteemed customers while disrupting the monopoly of these big brick and mortar print stores, hence, we emphasise heavily on quality, striving to use the best and highest quality material- stretcher bars, canvas, inks, staples glues, primers, etc. in order to win the trust and business of our clients. In addition, our activities are streamlined for efficiency within our supply chain and to allow for a more defined competitive advantage either through regional dominance, delivery speed and/or customer service.

Whether you are sure what canvas print you want to hand in your home or are still unsure, a quick visit to our website would alleviate all your concerns as our existing gallery of prints, custom design option, and ever attentive customer service representatives are eager to help you understand and enumerate your requirements, consider the existing industry trends and your decoration needs then proceeding to design custom art choices that would best suit your needs – deciding on details such as the level of enhancement needed, sizes required, shape of the canvas, shipping options available and the expected delivery date. At, our materials are of the highest industry standards, our manufacturing processes are globally reputable and best practices and our customer service is impeccable, therefore we are certain your patronage would receive unparalleled value for your time and consideration.

To find more ideas on how to decorate your home with cheap canvas prints shop here

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