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Outdoor Advertising Feather Flags

When aligned perfectly and en massed, outdoor advertising flags can create a unique yet outstanding aesthetic appeal to whatever space in which they are used. And although their use is somewhat temporary and seasonal, it can be noted that these flags can be adapted to fit into any space available, even mounted on backpacks, offering the most visibility amongst all advertising forms and means. These amazing features of the flags often leave people bewildered and interested in the intricacies of the flag production process and how exactly they can either make their own flags or purchase theirs in the most seamless manner. Thus, as a direct response, we chose to create a detailed article highlighting all that needs to be known concerning outdoor advertising flags.

This article begins with an in-depth description of the various types of outdoor advertising feather flags that are prevalent and provides us the baselines for understanding their functionality, baselines such as wind resistance, print area and the supporting frames required to balance the weight of the flag and help it deflect or sway appropriately under immense winds. In addition, we discuss the flag production process and the functionalities and arguments for the flags, highlighting their distinguishing features. Finally, we consider the metrics to be considered before placing an order for a custom outdoor advertising flag, metrics such as materials used, Production speed, Customer support, Overall Customer satisfaction among others.


Types of Outdoor Advertising Flags

The outdoor advertising flags come in handy during events such as sports competitions, housewarming, parties etc. as they are relatively cheaper attention grabbers and they can be positioned in virtually any area as long as there is a surface to hinge it on. As with most products available in the market today, these flags have been redesigned to solve defects inherent in their predecessors, thus resulting in various variations and designs with varying strengths and features such as those listed below.

  • Feather Outdoor Advertising Flag: As the name implies, these flags resemble a bird feather and they sport a large print area. Their distinct design and shape allows them to provide ample wind resistance as they keep your message visible with or without human or nature’s interference (except a storm or gale).
  • Right- Angle Outdoor Advertising Flag: These flags are squared off at all edges and supported by at one end, thus earning its name “right-angle”. They boast an above average surface area and ample wind resistance, given their considerably smaller area.
  • Swooper Outdoor Advertising Flag: These flags are shaped like wings, these flags offer a large print surface area and an efficient wind redirection design.
  • Backpack Outdoor Advertising Flag: This is a smaller advertising flag variation that is mounted onto a backpack or a schoolbag, usually used for personal marketing or awareness. Its portability ensures it can be unmounted and folded back in place when not needed.
  • Tear- Drop Outdoor Advertising Flag: This outdoor flag type is designed in the shape of a teardrop and this is a very catchy and conspicuous way to gain attention for your brand, organization or business.
  • Rectangular Outdoor Advertising Flag: This flag offers customers a larger print area for greater visibility of the printed message and a very easy set up process. It also has a 2 year+ lifespan with proper handling and storage.
  • Promo Outdoor Advertising Flag: This flag is similar to most flags, although having a steeper taper at one end, these flags offer wider surface area and ample wind resistance.
  • Fan Outdoor Advertising Flag: This flag is designed in the shape of a fan with highly symmetric lines that cut across its center, thus providing sufficient display area that wouldn’t fold up in the wind
  • Box Outdoor Advertising Flag: These flags are designed and modeled to resemble a box, with usually a smaller surface area thus less printing space, but they offer greater wind resistance. It also has a central support structure & radial frame.


Outdoor Advertising Flag Frames

The base structure of any advertising flag serves as its foundation, providing it with ample anchorage and stability. Should this anchorage be insufficient or faulty, there would be issues of tipping over or toppling of these flags. Therefore, asides the banner design required by these flags, another crucial choice to make is with respect to its pole and base option:

Pole options: Various pole options exist, however these are the most common:

  • Metal Sectioned poles: As the name implies, this metal pole provides the necessary skeletal framework and design needed to support the flag and provide ample wind resistance or rotation. The rotation is achieved by hanging on a staked bearing system.
  • Fiberglass/ aluminum sectioned pole: This is a matrix-ed pole that uses two of the most economical and durable materials anchored on a corkscrew stake that can rotate with the winds
  • Fiberglass Sectioned Pole: This novel design is surprisingly the most popular flag hardware as it uses a unique bearing system that helps the flag turn in the wind thereby ultimately increasing the longevity of the flag.

Base Option:

  • Ground spikes: A long Ground spike with a sitting for the pole is attached to the end of the supporting pole and the spikes another end can be directly inserted into the ground for support. This base option is only suitable for outdoor locations where the ground is dirt or grassy, thereby providing a subsurface that the stake can be inserted into and provide anchorage from.
  • Cross Stand: These base choices are one of the most common as it makes use of a weighted crossbar. The crossbar bolsters the upright motion of the outdoor advertising flag while the weights (either physical weight or fluid (water) filled sacs) placed on these cross bars provide the resistance to tilting. Although considered less aesthetically appealing, they are the most common base options for large indoor advertising flags.
  • Suction cups: Some smaller flag options often come with suction cup support structures that enable them to be fixed on any smooth surface such as tiles, or even table tops. These cups are more aesthetically appealing as they do not need to hold a fluid or use weights to keep the flag standing upright.

Why advertise with outdoor advertising flags?

Advertising with flags is no recent or new development, however, the ease of printing, material quality and general business structure surrounding the niche has evolved greatly over the centuries. However, in the 21st century, although often deemed as white elephant projects, most outdoor advertising flags have more benefits than is usually accrued to them and some of these outstanding benefits are listed below:

  • Flags can be changed to reveal or pass across an entirely different message, thereby ultimately lengthening its product life considerably, unlike most print art that usually has one-use life cycles.
  • The ability to print them in either single or double sided full printing modes make them versatile as they can be adopted in various settings of locations and still look very appropriate and effective in delivering the message and the weather & fade resistant print offers great value over time.
  • Most flags are made from 100% polyester material which is a very valuable and durable material with long-lasting properties, in addition, it can be washed whether manually or in a washing machine.
  • Outdoor flags are the most mobile forms of advertising, they achieve this by either being fold-able and/or lightweight, thus ensuring they can be moved around easily and/or setup/ dismantled briskly.
  • These flags can be rushed produced, given their mass production inclination, they tend to be little or no variations between flags of a particular batch or order, and therefore they can be produced in bulk.
  • Lastly, these flags are arguably some of the easiest advertisement forms to set up when on a timeline, given their low technicality and relatively smaller size, hundreds can be set-up in a single day.


Production Processes

Most outdoor production occurs commercially through the use of various technical printers and sewing machines to get the right print on the right material to produce the perfect flag. These processes can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Cutting the cloth: This process involves using specialized tailoring equipment and measurements to outline the specific areas to be cut for the flag and it is dependent on the type of flag to be produced and the size of the flag.
  • Sewing the flag: The next step is sewing the cloth which involves joining the cut pieces of material in a professional manner (usually done by the tailor) to create the flag itself. The sewing must be in tandem with the cutting for coherence and ease of transaction.
  • Designing the image: A professional graphic designer (or the customer) creates an image of the representation for the flag to display and this image once completed is sent to the printer for printing.
  • Printing on the flag: Using a set of specialized printers (machines or devices), the printer (person) places the flags in the machine to transfer the digital image onto the surface of the flag via various means such as dye sublimation etc.
  • Setting up the flag: After printing, the flag is ready to be coupled and arranged for display using the pre made supporting gears.


Where to get outdoor advertising flags

As with most things in the art scene, various retailers already exist that would readily create your advertising flag for you, whether in a brick and mortar store or via an e-commerce store. Although each of these has their inherent flaws and strengths, care should be taken to perform due diligence before making a decision as to which retailer or producer to use in procuring your flags. Following your due diligence, the following criterion should be considered when establishing a baseline for your decisions:

  • Materials used: At the heart of the production process is an understanding of what materials are to be used for your outdoor advertising flag. Although this seems clichéd, it is necessary to pay rapt attention to the material type (inks, dyes, and materials) a printer uses for his outdoor flag printing as this can set determine whether or not they are wear resistant, weather resistant and/or fade resistant.
  • Free Design Service: Most online firms and even a few physical stores offer free design services to clients and potential clients as this helps their firm operate lean, reduce waiting time for clients and/or eliminate the need to rework or reproduce a customer’s order due to non-conformity with their expectations or designs. This add-on service is a crucial thing to consider as it helps you the customer determine whether or not to place the order with that firm and to anticipate the quality of the print before it hits production.
  • Production Quality and Speed: The quality of most print jobs hinge upon the quality of the input materials and the machines used to produce the outputs, therefore it is crucial to critically review the equipment producers utilize when printing and a speedy Google search can provide ample information to hinge your review on. In addition, it is necessary to consider how fast these printing firms (whether brick and mortar or online) can produce and ship the flags. This is crucial as it can help you justify your shipping cost and/or determine whether or not the flags would be available by the time you need them.
  • Customer Support: Every firm has the responsibility of making their customers welcome and easing their transaction with the firm, hence it is required of them to provide sufficient support service to meet and address all complaints clients might be facing with respect to printing their flags.
  • Overall Customer satisfaction: In this century where the “customer is king” and there is limitless visibility, it is easy to access review of output quality of printers and/or customer experiences when dealing with these printers, for example Google Customer Review provides a platform to view and rate these firms with respect to the quality you encounter or anticipate.


In summary, outdoor advertising flags are a great way to provide ample visibility for your brand, especially localized visibility (that actually is designed for the target demographics), they also offer great versatility, durability, design options and mobility for your brand in this media drowned age. It is recommended that reputable brands such as that rank excellently on all key metrics highlighted above and offer outstanding products and add-on services to support customers’ aspirations and dreams should be contacted and engaged for your outdoor advertising flag needs. Regardless of your location, there are efficient shipping services ready to make the delivery to your doorstep in a few days’ time with utmost care and speed.

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